Dad can relax with jazz on the patio. Mom can work out to the oldies in the gym and the kids can listen to their music streamed from their smartphones in the their bedrooms. 

Monitor Audio In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers with ‘stealthy’ trimless grilles for that discreet, décor-friendly, high-end finish

Wired or Wireless Speakers...

Typically, all of the equipment is neatly concealed in a hidden location, out of sight. All wiring is hidden within the walls. What you see are elegant keypads and speakers, intelligently designed to blend with the décor. But if you can't run the wires in the walls and still need a multi-room system, then we can design wireless rooms.



With a multi-room, distributed audio system, everybody gets exactly what they want, where they want it, when they want it
— APEX AudioVisual