Why Voice?

One of the greatest challenges to controlling your automated home, particularly one that grows and evolves over time, is your ability to have it do exactly what you need it to do. In theory it’s great if your motorised shades close in the morning just before sunrise, or if the lights turn on at sunset, but these actions can be programmed by APEX AV to happen on a schedule. The real challenge is when you want to make something happen or if a guest needs to watch some Netflix in the living room or turn on the lights in the kitchen or put on some music by the pool.

With voice control even complicated actions can be programmed by APEX AV to happen when you simply speak to your home and with the power of Josh voice control you can speak naturally and not just one command at a time, such as, “Ok Josh, I’m home, let’s watch some TV, close the drapes and brew a pot of coffee.”

We can make controlling your home as natural as chatting with a friend… That is the promise of voice control using Josh.

Imagine if you or your guest only needed to talk to your home as though talking to a friend
— Josh